iClick NHS pharmacy in Stoke-On-Trent is doing dosette box for medicine delivery in UK

The NHS pharmacy is doing dosette box for medicine delivery in UK

In the UK, many people take regular medication to manage their health conditions; with a review showing that more than one in six (15%) of people in England now take five or more medicines daily. It becomes significant to manage your drugs in order and organise them to your convenience. With all these in mind, iClick Pharmacy NHS, Stoke-On-Trent, has introduced a dosette box for their customers.

Let’s understand how this box is going to help you organise your medicines

Taking medicines regularly becomes part of your daily routine; however, some people struggle to remember to take medications which can be detrimental to health. Also, some people find it difficult to take medicines out of the blister packaging if they suffer from certain health conditions such as arthritis; or it can be time-consuming for them; leading to non-compliance with medication. An excellent solution for this is a dosette box. A Dosette box will organise the medication in compartments for you.

What Is a dosette Box?

A dosette box is a plastic tray that organises your medicines into separate compartments, showing what should be taken at each time of the day for each day of the week. The dosette box may have four cases listed as morning, midday, evening and bedtime and can even have 2 compartments listed as morning and bedtime. 

Each dosette box contains 7 days’ worth of medication and has clear labels detailing times and days to help you remember to take your medication correctly. The dosette box will have a cassette sheet describing the medicine name, dosage and description, making it easier for you to identify the medicine. 

Why use a dosette box?

If you or your loved one finds it difficult to remember to take their medicines on time or if you are bombarded with too many drugs and are confused about when and how to handle them, then a dossette box will be the best solution. Alternatively, the box is also suitable for you if you have a carer as this can be more time efficient and minimises errors. 

You mustn’t miss a dose of your medicines as it could affect certain health conditions such as diabetes or heart disease. It is also a good solution for conditions such as dementia. 

Forgetting to take medication or taking too much can have severe consequences. Therefore, a dosette minimises this risk by helping people to manage their medication more safely and effectively. 

Why NHS recommend the use of Dosette Boxes? read more here

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