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Dispensing NHS and Private Prescriptions

We dispense NHS and Private prescriptions. For us to dispense your prescriptions please contact us via telephone, email or post it directly to our address. Please make sure to give your contact details to help us to deliver your medicines.

Disposal of Unwanted Medication

We can accept any medicines that you no longer need and dispose of them safely. Please contact the pharmacy for more details.

Electronic Prescriptions

This is a quicker and convenient method to manage your prescriptions. Nominate us for prescriptions to come directly to the pharmacy without the need to pick up your prescription from the surgery.

Free Delivery Service

We will deliver your prescription for free.

Medicines Use Reviews

Medicines Use Reviews

New Medicine Service

New Medicine Service.

NHS Repeat Dispensing

If your GP is participating in the NHS Repeat Dispensing Service we can dispense and deliver your prescriptions to you every month. Please contact the pharmacy for further information.

Self-care Advice

Our experienced pharmacists are available to advise you about treating minor illnesses and recommending suitable over-the-counter medicines. Please contact the pharmacy and we will be more than happy to help.

Signposting to Other Services

If we feel that you would benefit from further support we will direct you to the most appropriate health professional for further advice.