In this new era of modernization, industrialization, and civilization, technology has drastically changed. Over the years, the direction of healthcare facilities was also improved and the introduction of digital health was nothing more than a blessing. It focuses on multiple new directions, be it prescribing medications to doctor consultation or emergency delivery. Nowadays, pharmaceutical companies are looking towards a newer approach of “Think beyond the pill”. This is the pharmacy profession business model that has been adopted as a new mentality. The objective is focused on how to leverage technology to deliver quality treatment and care to patients. Technology and innovation have positively impacted the pharmacy space. At Pharmacy Boothen, we have also stepped forward to serve you with our knowledge and information. As healthcare providers, we are well aware of the happening in the industry and want to deliver the same to you all.

About iClick Pharmacy

This pandemic, we all have witnessed the lack of healthcare infrastructure. Even though, countries with the best healthcare facilities struggled hard to keep on the pace of availing medical attention. We are going through an unpleasant reminder of how a strong healthcare system matters for the survivability and wellbeing of a nation’s economy and its people. Our pharmacy is structured with value-based approaches that are capable of providing equitable and affordable access to health services. Our country is improving on offering healthcare and we have taken it as a unique opportunity to serve our patients by strengthening our healthcare systems.

The Outline of Your Journey at iClick Pharmacy

We are a Pharmacy Hanford that specializes in coming up with innovative ideas for the people. We have made your journey at iClick Pharmacy very smooth and easy. All you have to do is:

Give us a call and tell us your requirements.

Tell us your prescription, or tell us your surname and date of birth.

We’ll get the prescription from your GP.

Your medicines are ready to dispatch

iClick Pharmacy Explained

IClick Pharmacy is a free NHS service which provides an alternative solution for patients to manage their medication efficiently and is hassle-free.
That’s all it takes to order and manage your medication
We are located in Stoke-on-Trent. Our team consists of GPhC registered pharmacists and qualified dispensers.
iClick Pharmacy has some big advantages to offer to our customers.

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iClick Pharmacy Team

Our team consists of GPhC (General Pharmaceutical Council) registered pharmacists and qualified dispensers. Our pharmacists, Ramin and Sana both have over 18 years of experience working for the NHS, in different sectors including hospital, community and GP surgeries. Our main goal is to help patients to have a better quality of life by managing their condition better, they no longer have to worry about their repeat medication – we do the whole process for them.
You can be assured that your prescription is in safe hands, as our dedicated team double check each box of your medication before it reaches to your doorstep.

Why Choose Us

  • Focused Medication Management Services: –

Our pharmacy has not limited its services to the verification and dispensing of prescriptions. We have taken a step forward to expand our clinical roles in order to improve and maintain healthcare services. Our management has made it clear that service to mankind is service to God and we are working hard to spread this message. No matter if it’s Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services or any other, we have our recognised prescriptive authority who will guide you with up-to-date information. We will be your ideal pharmacy at the time of need.

  • Integrating and Delivering Digital Health Services: –

Our rapidly changing society has revolutionized the role of how we make use of technology on a daily basis. Our social engagements help us to acquire knowledge of the basic healthcare system. There has been seen a change of mentality in people as they keep on expecting new improvements much differently in healthcare. As a pharmacy company, we have found ways to integrate the use of new technologies and devices into patient’s care. We not just provide capitalising solutions, but also guide patient’s outcomes.

  • Redesigning the Pharmacy Workflow for New Technology: –

We make use of advanced technologies such as integrated workflow systems, data analytics, artificial intelligence, advanced automation, and machine learning. It is true that most pharmacy workflow systems are not currently prepared for the approach, but we have designed to integrate such new developments as we have come all down through the system made pipelines. We believe that creating and preparing a futuristic vision to understand and utilize these developments as a part of the healthcare system will be the key.


Creating Vibrant Smiles for Healthy Lifestyles!

Regulated by

iClick Pharmacy is regulated by the General Pharmaceutical Council of England. We are a certified pharmacy that strictly follows all the norms and standards set by the General Pharmaceutical Council of England.

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